Our story

Oy Banmark Ab is a Finnish owned company operating internationally in the pulp and paper industry. In Finland Banmark also represents equipment and chemicals for several fields of industries. Banmark was founded in 1971 as a subsidiary of Bang & Co., which then in 1993 merged with the Bonsomer Company to form a new company, Bang & Bonsomer. Within 12 months of the merger of this new parent company, Banmark stepped into international business by opening a new office in Russia. By the turn of the millennium Banmark had established an office in Sweden and in the early 2000’s we expanded to Poland and China. Our office in Czech Republic was established in 2017.

Since 2009 Banmark has been a subsidiary of  Transmeri Group. In late 2014 Banmark purchased the process equipment department of Oy Insalko Ab, a company which represents high quality equipment for the process, pulp and paper, food production and biogas industries.  In 2017 Banmark acquired Kiertopaine Oy , which specializes in different kinds of pumps. In 2019 Banmark acquired two new daughter companies: Hämeen Öljykeskus Oy and Orat Oy. Nowadays Hämeen Öljykeskus is officially Banmark Voiteluaineet Oy (Banmark Lubricants).

Banmark’s main market areas today are Central and Northern Europe and China. Our Finnish organization is decentralized: the head office is located in Vantaa and we have branch offices in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. Our sales offices abroad are located:

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Shanghai, China

Banmark also has local agency in Turkey, Romania, India, South Korea and Singapore.

Our people

Currently Banmark employs 85 talented and innovative professionals worldwide, each with strong product knowledge and a customer-oriented approach. Together we create business advantage and results for our customers.

Banmark technicians are highly qualified professionals, with in depth knowledge of specialty chemicals for industrial systems, as well as knowledge of paper machine and technical clothing and equipment for the industries we serve. Years of experience have made us a pioneer and a strong partner for our customers and we always strive to fulfil their long and short-term needs. Our experience in and knowledge of the processes of the industries we serve are highly valued among our customers.

We believe in the power of human resources as a fundamental part of our company´s achievements. Activities across international boundaries provide us with exciting challenges. To manage this, our teams ensure that whatever the enquiry, we will be able to respond promptly. This team spirit  has resulted in our proven success;  steady and continuous growth with a solid record of performance.

We do

Our milestones