Paper & Pulp equipment

  • Dewatering elements, ceramics and layout design for fourdrinier machines (IBS)
  • iTable (IBS)
  • Angle- and height adjustable t-bars (IBS)
  • Dryness measurement and flow measuring systems (IBS)
  • Vacuum control systems (IBS)
  • Deckle board systems (IBS)
  • Tambour change over systems & paper tape (IBS)
  • Steamboxes and Super Steam Vac (IBS and Transphase)
  • Tensioners, tension measurement and guides (JUD)
  • Doctors, shower, oscillation equipment and online fabric washers (James Ross)
  • Colour kitchens, unloading-, loading-, mixing and handling equipment for chemicals (PGA)
  • Edge trims and ruby nozzles (PMS)
  • WIS and WMS (Papertech)
  • Led lightning (Ecoworld)
  • Coating stations, decurling, profiling and sizers (UMV)
  • Air flotation dryers and air turns (Spooner)
  • IR-dryers (Solaronics and Ircon)
  • Manual and automatic filters for water and chemicals  (Bollfilter and Ronningen-Petter)
  • Water filtration (Bollfilter and Ronningen-Petter)
  • Colour kitchen and chemical automatic filters (Ronningen-Petter)
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps and fans (Cutes)
  • Centrifugal high pressure water pumps (Sundyne)
  • High pressure water pumps (Sundyne)
  • Disc thickeners and screw presses (Bellmer Kufferath)
  • Gravity tables and double wire presses (Bellmer)
  • Centrifuges for sludge (Pieralisi)
  • Tank cleaning equipment (Scanjet)
  • Supraton homogenitzer (BWS)
  • Plate Falling Film Evaporators (GIG Karasek)
  • Tube Falling Film Evaporators (GIG Karasek)
  • Thin Film Evaporators (GIG Karasek)
  • Horizontal Thin Film Dryers (GIG Karasek)
  • Short Path Evaporators (GIG Karasek)
  • Multiple Effect Evaporation Plants (GIG Karasek)
  • MVR Evaporation Plants (GIG Karasek)
  • Distillation Columns (GIG Karasek)


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