Excellence in process knowledge and solutions Our roots are in Finnish
forest industry
Side by side in times of transition… …we look to the future together
with our customers
Today we operate internationally within
several fields of industries…
…with high-quality equipment
for demanding processes
We believe in Finnish spirit in gaining success

Solutions and services for pulp and paper industry since 1971

With over 50-years of experience, Banmark provides professional and innovative solutions to serve the demanding requirements of the pulp and paper industry. We are one of the leading suppliers of specialty chemicals, raw materials, paper machine clothing, machinery and equipment in Finland. We also provide a wide range of services to the pulp and paper production industry. The cornerstones of our business are solid product knowledge, efficient logistic solutions, and an innovative and customer-oriented approach.

Banmark co-operates with world leading suppliers of advanced chemical treatment technologies and extensive technical service to be able to serve the pulp and paper industry with high quality. We provide a broad range of specialty chemicals and equipment used within the pulping process, paper machine wet end, coating color treatment as well as de-inking and paper converting. We ensure that our customers receive top quality and innovative solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Today, Banmark is a growing company operating internationally, focusing on markets in Europe and Asia. Our product portfolio varies from country to country. Further information is available on our international country pages.

In Finland Banmark offers paper chemicals and additives, PMC products and equipment for pulp & paper and process industry. We also carry equipment for bakeries & food production and biogas & environmental industry. Our operations are sertified by Kiwa Inspecta, we comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Banmark is part of the Transmeri Group.


Our Story

Banmark was established to serve the Finnish paper and pulp industry.

Read further of our milestones on our way to international business, into a Banmark Group operating in several fields of industries.


Banmark has a wide range of chemicals to solve problems in paper or pulp processes. Get to know the Banmark world of chemicals here:

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Banmark supports a young rising star on her way to success.

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Forming and drying fabrics, advanced fabrics, press felts or shoe press belts –

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Quality Management System

The operations of Banmark are sertified by Kiwa Inspecta. Banmark complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard.




In Finland we supply tailored, high quality equipment for several fields of industries. We co-operate with suppliers which are market leaders worldwide. The product category in other countries is focused for pulp and paper industry.

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Paper and Pulp
Broad spectrum of process chemicals, equipment and paper machine clothing from the pulp production to the dry end finishing.

Petrochemical and other refineries
Centrifugal high pressure pumps, gas compressors, oil and water filters and other process equipments for special applications.
Washing chemicals

Food process industry
Process equipment from baking and mixing to final packaging suitable for bakeries, dairies and breweries.
Broad variety of cleaning chemicals

Process industry
Broad spectrum of pumps, automatic filters, power transmissions and tank cleaning equipment.
Speciality chemicals

Biogas and Environmental industry
Fermentation additives
Separation and dewatering equipment
Filters, pumps, reciprocation gas compressors
Tank cleaning equipment

Automatic filters for cooling water
High pressure showers
Chemicals for deposit control, washing and defoaming
Special filter fabrics

Solutions and services for pulp and paper industry