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We are proud of our professional knowledge and would be happy to share our experience and ideas with our customers. If you wish to find out more about Banmark and the products and services we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help our clients find exactly the right products and services to match their current and future requirements. Together we will create best solutions to perfect your business!

Kisällintie 13
01730 Vantaa

Phone (switchboard): +358 (0)9-4765 0350

E-mail: banmark [at] banmark.fi

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    Our professional, innovative and customer-oriented staff

    Petri Mäki

    petri.maki [at] banmark.fi
    +358 40 903 3021

    Marko Virolainen

    Sales Director
    marko.virolainen [at] banmark.fi
    +358 40 903 3032

    Juha Lonka

    Director, Projects and development
    juha.lonka [at] banmark.fi
    +358 40 903 3030

    Katinka Weurlander

    Administrative Manager
    katinka.weurlander [at] banmark.fi
    +358 40 544 5308


    Lars-Göran Johansson

    Equipment and PMC
    lars.johansson [at] banmark.se
    +46 706 155 217

    Mats Lennvig

    mats.lennvig [at] banmark.se
    +46 705 651 210


    Michał Bondara

    michal.bondara [at] banmark.fi
    +48 608 465 111


    Sharp Xiao

    oybanmark [at] 163.com
    +86 1381 8376 532 (mobile)